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Not Now

“Over 3 decades of pursuing an uncompromising path of innovative musical juxtaposing and singular vocal stylings Peter Hope’s latest NOT NOW project pushes the industrial techno envelope into uncharted territories with the assistance of electronic precisionist Henri Sizaret.

In search of creative liberty the pair adopt spontaneous composition techniques in the construction of their other-worldly voodoo machinations, resulting in a wild ride through caustically sharp electronic mutations, intriguingly tarnished with the disturbed spirits of mangled blues and depersonalised dada vocal proclamations.”

To discover what lies beyond any planned form we must trust intuition, experience and the immediacy of improvisation. whilst ever there is a safety net, or any number of safety nets, commitment to the moment cannot be complete. Once it is established that the creative spirit can be invoked by the simple mantra of ‘I believe’ all that stands in the way of replicating the formula is to doubt or force that belief. Keep the rules simple. Do not second guess. Only discard that which will poison. Embrace spontaneity and its unexpected inventions. If NOT NOW, when?


Aqui & I Reira

On the surface, NOT NOW does not sound like an invitation. Quite the contrary. It feels like a rejection. That is of course, if you don’t scratch the surface. Because only those who do not question remain in a blissful ignorance. They are feeble and cowards. And perhaps it is fine. But we chose otherwise. We chose substance. We dig further. And fast.

NOT NOW is about the sense of immediacy, this evanescent spark of inspiration we get when we see, hear or feel things. Anything. It has to do with the release of dopamine and hormones in our bodies that trigger pleasure, pain, happiness and sadness. It is a liberation.

Here, no plan, no order. Just an immediate sensation. You can chose to caress it wherever you are. Or dump it. And we are in Portugal and New Zealand. We are Aqui & I reira. We exchange ideas, carve fast. We are not on the same spot, but we are here, in the same place. Connected by the audio waves we share.