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DIGIRAMA is AkA third concept album after Dataism and Wup und Wuf. Like in the previous releases, AkA explores in depth topics which are often overlooked. In this project AkA dives in the beauty of number, which are part of our everyday life: they structure our views of the world, they fuel mathematics and have their own language.

To some, numbers carry a divine message and to many, numbers support beliefs like… money. Numbers are fascinating as they are a mind’s construct, yet very real and a fertile ground to illustrate with electronic music.

DIGIRAMA is undeniably electronic, with AkA rhythmic and audio explorations signature style. True to AkA fascination for sound research, Digirama 11 tracks push the envelope in sonic territories with a particular attention to sine waves, fine digital distortion, lush spaces and gut wrenching basses, as an homage to the numbers invisible, yet concrete nature.